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Breckenridge Ski Resort Will Build A New Gondola Ski Lift

After twenty years of wishful thinking, Breckenridge will finally move forward and build the Gondola in Spring of 2006. This project should be completed by Christmas of 2006. The Breckenridge Gondola will fit up to 8 people and will load right in the free skier parking lots. The path of the Gondola will travel through the Shock Hill neighborhood and on to both Peak 7 and Peak 8 base areas. The Gondola Project is part of a much larger plan that started last year when they built the Imperial Expr........ Read More

Best Ski Resorts In Europe

Tourism has been a booming industry for the past few decades and ski resorts have seen a surge in interest, but where are the best places to go in Europe to make the most of the snow and the nightlife? For many people Val D'Isere remains the first choice. This area in the French Alps has become so popular with foreign visitors that you'll be hard pushed to find a bar or shop where the locals don't speak English. The ski area is first class, as are the facilities away from the slopes. Of course........ Read More

Peak 7 Of Breckenridge Ski Resort

Peak 7 offers skiing for everyone. If you like extreme skiing, Peak 7 bowl is not accessable by lift but if you don't mind a long steep hike, peak 7 bowls are steep and mostly fresh. Peak 7 bowls are so steep and under the right conditions can be avalanche prone. Please be careful if you choose to go up here and always know your limits. If you choose to hike peak 7 you will have a very steep climb with little room for error, especially on a sunny day when there has not been much snow. This cli........ Read More

Skiing At The Big White Resort

The world famous Big White resort in Canada is home to some of the nation’s greatest skiing. Renowned for its high quality snow, and simply breathtaking scenery, Big White is an ideal resort for skiers of any age or ability. In the shadow of the Monashee Mountains, the Big White is a world class ski resort, with a reputation to back it up. With over 20 feet of fresh snowfall every year, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Big White was unpleasant climate wise - more often than not, ........ Read More

Wintergreen Resort Ski Vacation

Known as the single best ski resort in the South, Wintergreen Resort in Virginia has quite a bit to offer skiers. Featuring 11,000 acres with 19 trails, Wintergreen has a top elevation of 3516 feet, with a 1003 foot vertical drop. Beginners, intermediates, and experts will all find suitable trails at Wintergreen Resort. To accommodate skiers, there are six lifts, including five chair lifts and one surface lift. There is also a dedicated terrain park for snowboarding. The reso........ Read More

Durango Mountain Resort Ski Vacations

Featuring more than 2500 acres of ski area and 75 trails, Durango Mountain Ski Resort has much to offer skiers of all levels. The resort claims that there are approximately two people per acre on their slopes during operation hours. The crowds are small, and lift lines do not exist. Located in Colorado, the top elevation is 10822 feet with a 2030 vertical drop. There are eleven lifts, including nine chair lifts and two surface lifts. You can find lodging at the resort, or in t........ Read More

Peak 10 Of Breckenridge Ski Resort

The Super Falcon chair lift in Breckenridge, CO opened in 1985, this made peak 10 the third mountain to be opened at Breckenridge Ski Resort. Peak 10's double black terrain is plentiful. All the extreme double diamond terrain is on the south side of the mountain. With great runs like mustang which offers moguls, trees and more. The top part of Mustang is relatively flat, but don't be fooled. This flat part suddenly drops into the steep part of the mountain
Towards the end of the run, there i........ Read More

Take A Trip To A Ski Resort

If you and your family or friends are needing to take a break for a weekend or a week, consider taking a trip to a ski resort. Everyone needs to get away once in a while, and there are few ways to spend time in such a relaxing and enjoyable manner as a trip to a ski resort. Visiting a ski resort as a family is a great vacation for many reasons. First of all, it is tons of fun. Probably everyone has at least one memory of a family vacation gone bust. You take tons of time to plan the vacation an........ Read More

The Great Aspen Resort Ski Vacations

When you think of all the ski resorts in the world one of them stands out inyour mind. Aspen offers a variety of ski areas for all levels and it covers 4,500 acres or more spread over four mountains. This resort is known for itsnightlife because of the downtown area and the quieter Snowmass resort area has something to offer everyone. Aspen provides all the restaurants and bars you could ever want or need You can take a stroll through this luxurious city and find many boutiques........ Read More

Holiday Vacation In Whistler Ski Resort

Whistler/Blackcomb Holiday Ski Resort was not even in existence some 40 odd years ago. There was virtually nothing on this now world famous ski resort but blizzards caused by the moist Pacific air meeting the craggy mountain tops on what was then known as the London Mountain. Sometimes, one can see an occasional lonely skier using a rudimentary tow or hiking up the slopes of the mountain. This resort was renamed Whistler Mountain in 1965, named after the hoary marmot or the whistle pig. Toda........ Read More

The Top Five Ski Resorts

If you are planning to take a ski trip this winter, you may be wondering where you should go. There are so many great ski resorts out there to select from, but if you want the best of the best you need to continue reading this article. The top ranked ski resort is in British Columbia called the Apex Mountain Resort. The get more than 200 inches of natural snow each year and offer more than 60 ski slopes. Most people like Apex Mountain Resort because they offer a wide variety of slopes base........ Read More

Skiing Vacations: Popular And Favorite American Ski Resorts

A lot of people want to go on a skiing vacation. However, not all of them know where to go and which places can offer a great skiing experience. If you are one of these people, then it may be time for you to know about the popular ski destinations in the United States. Besides, it will be a lot cheaper than going abroad to spend your skiing holiday and you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy first class treatment and experience when you visit some of the best places to go to for skiing in........ Read More

Peak 8 Of Breckenridge Ski Resort

Breckenridge's four peaks average vertical is 13,300 feet. Breckenridge offers some of the most extreme skiing terrain in North America. This years brand new Imperial Express chair lift takes you just 500-feet from the summit of peak 8. Up here, you will find lake chutes which are considered to be the most extreme skiing in Colorado. There is little room for error up here. The lake chutesare the closest your going to get to an Alaskan heli ski trip without the helicopter. Don't forget about the........ Read More

Keystone Ski Resort Outback

The Outback at Keystone Ski Resort offers amazing views and so much more. The Outback Express is the only lift which services this beautiful region which includes the north bowl and some of the best tree runs in Colorado. Conquest and the victory chutes are on the north facing slope of the mountain. This means the snow will stay relatively soft which makes it a lot easier to make those important carves through the trees. When you get to the top of the Outback Express, go left and you'll be guara........ Read More

Ski Vacations At Solitude Mountain Resort, Utah

If you are looking for the ultimate Utah ski vacation, Solitude Mountain Resort has everything that you could want or need. During the early 1900’s, the area was full of silver miners, who gave the area its famous name. Today, the area is covered with skiers – but the crowds are rather light. The area became a skier’s paradise in 1957. It was developed by Robert Barrett, who made his fortune as a uranium miner. He basically started developing the resort because he was den........ Read More


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